Irrigation systems

For your home or your business

We valorise resources by innovating

RAIN was founded in 1968 as a family company and continues to be a family run business even today. RAIN focus has always been to efficiently irrigate any landscape through automatic systems helping to save water. The company prides itself on its green credentials, through a sustainable office and production facility, and on the innovative and technical specification of products represented and manufactured by RAIN.

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A green heart, three divisions

The one and only intelligent irrigation

“The OECD claims that global water demand will increase by the 55% on 2050 and, according to the FAO, by the same date, about 2/3 of the worldwide population will be at risk of finding itself living in areas at risk of dryness”.

The enhancement of resources is our mantra.

We conceive and develop technical solutions that allow saving time in the installation, the use and the maintenance of our products.

We use clean and renewable energy: our products work with lithium batteries that are recharged by solar or hydroelectric energies.

We are a Family Company in which each person works with great dedication and passion to achieve great successes together.

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The partner of green professionals

Rain was born by designing, manufacturing and distributing products in the market of professional irrigation systems.

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Professional irrigation at your home

More than a decade ago, Rain incorporated an Italian company (E.V. Service) specialised in the retail market. Hence the expansion and creation of the Rain Home Irrigation brand, with its own dedicated catalog aimed to national and international retail customers.

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We value resources by innovating


To date more than 15 lines of innovative products have been developed and patented

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In addition to the EZ-Open patent, Rain has recently patented the VALVE BOX RACK.

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Rain celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2018, maintaining its spirit of innovation in the irrigation market.
Rain will attend at EIMA 2018. Visit our stand B55 at the pavillon 21.