Solenoid valve models

RN 154

The RN 154 solenoid valve is the ideal solution for residential and commercial irrigation with flow rates from 30 l/min to 150 l/min. Available in different configurations of diameters (¾" to 1") and voltage (24 Vac and 9 Vdc). The presence of the patented Manifold system ferrule saves considerable time during installation, but more importantly, it allows the solenoid valve to be replaced in seconds and without the use of tools. In addition, the 1" F model is interchangeable with models of other irrigation brands thanks to its reduced length of 11.2 cm, making the RN154 even more versatile, also on existing systems.
  • Threads available:
    • 3/4" M
    • 1" F
    • 1" M
    • 1" MxU
  • Minimum pressure: 1
  • Maximum pressure: 12
Technical information

Discover now: RN 154 for irrigation systems and transform your garden into a green oasis!