A really complete range characterised by the use of excellent materials and always top performance. Rain also brings great innovation to surface irrigation products.
We offer a line of surface sprinklers that allow you to create a professional mobile irrigation system, also thanks to the rotating heads that work even at low pressures.

Hose Carts RH

The Rain family of hose carts and reels will allow you to keep your garden irrigation hoses in the best order.
Ideal for small to medium sized gardens and balconies, our hose reels can be supplied already assembled and fully equipped or to be assembled and without hose.

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Hose RH

Reach every corner of your garden by choosing from the wide range of Rain surface pipes. Meshed, anti-algae and UV-resistant hoses in high quality materials to withstand even high pressures.

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Fittings and tap RH

A complete range of complementary accessories (quick couplings, taps, adapters) for the construction of domestic surface irrigation systems.

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Surface sprinkler RH

Easy and comfortable to assemble, the above-ground sprinklers from the Rain range are the ideal solution to keep your garden green and healthy.
With the ULTRA line you will be able to irrigate your garden with low-consumption professional heads, saving up to 30% of water and obtaining the same precipitation as with underground systems.

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Pistol and shower

Rain’s water pistols and sprayers range covers all domestic irrigation needs. The multifunctional pistols allow you to choose the ideal jet to water plants and flowers in the proper way.
The ergonomic handles make our pistols comfortable to be used in all conditions.

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