Starting from the tap timers, for which we are among the first European manufacturers, Rain offers complete ranges that cover all needs.
Today we also promote a new green brand dedicated to the retail market: MY FARM.
With this brand we offer products with extremely efficient and user-friendly technical solutions, characterized by innovative and recyclable packaging, made by 100% natural materials.

Fittings and pipe RH

A complete range of complementary accessories for the construction of professional drip-irrigation systems.

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Dripper HR

Drip irrigation (or micro-irrigation) is a localized irrigation system with micro delivery rate which started to take hold in Israel and California in the 1960s.
The water is distributed by low-flow issuers. Within the irrigation of green areas, the most important are the drippers, the driplines and the porous pipes.

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Tap timer controller HR

In 2013 Rain starts to develope a new tap timer control unit that refl ects the irrigation market needs.
Research has shown the need of a control unit easy to program and user friendly. For this reason we
created a controller that follows 3 simple steps :
– WHEN to irrigate
– HOW MUCH to irrigate
– HOW OFTEN to irrigate
From this simple idea comes the “3 EASY STEPS” programming concept.

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