GRID 113

Technical characteristics Easy installation on walls of technical rooms its special design helps to keep orderly and clean the valve box to simplify the maintenance of the irrigation system The manifold hooks allow an easy installation in the valve box Compatible with standard rectangular valve box (PZRM113)

Rain SpA presents the new patented VALVE BOX RACK.
Compatible with Rain’s standard rectangular valve box (mod.
PZRM113 and PZRM115), it has been studied to do the fastest and
cleanest installation of solenoid valves, manifold and fi ttings inside
the valve box.
The installation of the valve system will be customizable in many
different confi gurations, in fact the manifold hooks can be freely
placed on the rack to meet all the needs of any specifi c installation.
It will keep the valve system raised from the soil, ensuring over the
time a good level of cleanliness, which will further easy maintenance
or replacement of the components in the future.
The VALVE BOX RACK can be also installed in vertical position, to
permid also an easy installation on walls of technical rooms.

125.8000500 GRIGLIA PER PZ113 + 4 GANCI 1″