Underground irrigation is part of Rain’s DNA.
We design, manufacture and distribute a complete range of items for the construction of underground irrigation systems.
We also provide the irrigation design service for gardens, sports fields and public areas.

Compression fittings RH

A complete range of compression fittings to connect polyethylene pipes of the main lines and sector lines of the irrigation system.

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Threaded fittings RH

To date, more than 15 lines of innovative products have been developed and patented. Amongst all of these, we can find the Manifold System: a complete range of solenoid valves and manifolds for an easy installation and a maintenance with no comparison.

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Sprinkler RH

Rain has always sought to bring innovations and solutions for a better management of resources. In fact, the company has introduced, in the sprinkler market, the IFT technology (Intelligent Flow Technology), which allows the reduction of the radius without interfering with the precipitation, and the patented ASD (Arc Set Degree) working angle adjustment system.
IFT and ASD technologies can save up to 75% of installers’ time.

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Valve box RH

Among Rain’s many patents we also find the EZ-Open system of the valve boxes, a simple idea that has changed the way to open valve boxes. The handle integrated in the valve boxes reflects 100% Rain’s philosophy of simplifying and speeding up the work of its customers.
In addition to the EZ-Open patent, there is the recently patented rack for EZ-Open 113 and 115.

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Electric valve RH

In the early 80s, Rain started to produce electric valves, developing in over four decades a wide range of models, covering all the needs in landscape and turf market, sports and agriculture. Nowadays, its solenoid valves have been sold in more than 15 million units in 82 different countries worldwide, making Rain the largest manufacturer in Europe.
Electrovalves are the heart of irrigation systems and there’s a Rain electrovalve for every application: suitable for small and medium residential or professional landscapes and agricultural applications, from low flow to high flow, from low pressure to high pressure.

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Valve box controller RH

The amazing success of the “3 EASY STEPS” philosophy, born in 2014 with AMICO+, allowed Rain to enter in the market of electronic controllers.
The models developed are the C-DIAL, I-DIAL and ELITE and they differ in the ease of programming.
Nowadays, Rain produces more than 300,000 electronic controllers per year and this quantity will increase thanks to the new 12-zone I-DIAL version.
The S-DIAL completes the range of Rain’s electronic controllers. This controllers has a touchscreen and can reach up to 192 starts per day. In addition, S-DIAL is compatible with Rainolve System and it can have infinite functionalities thanks to a constantly evolving monitoring platform.

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Controller RH

Combining the great success of the AMICO+ with Rain’s twenty years of experience in valve box controllers, a new line of IP68 controllers was developed:

  • Amico PRO which fully reflects the ease of use and the quick installation of AMICO+.
  • W-DIAL, presented at EIMA 2018, that combines the “3 EASY STEPS” programming with professional features, to meet every need. In addition W-DIAL is also compatible with the exclusive Rainolve artificial intelligence system that allows to save up to 70% of water.
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